It's time for the great Swedish Chef to also have his moment in the sun alongside the great crypto memes. New times call for new attitudes and new leaders. Through this, we bring you a quote from our great Chef: $BORK $BORK $BORK.











Bill is a talented creator responsible for pop culture and humor icons, including Pepe, Bobo, and Muppets characters. These characters have become an important part of global meme culture over the years. One standout is the Swedish Chef, famous for his hilarious accent and unique culinary style, making him an online meme icon. Now, the Swedish Chef is ready to shine even brighter in the cryptocurrency market as the bull market approaches, marking a new era in web 3.0 meme culture and captivating a new generation of enthusiasts. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting new chapter.

Just like Satoshi Nakamoto and the concepts of web 3, we believe in decentralization and the power of the community, which is why we will allocate 10% of the project to the NGO Food for Life, It is considered the largest charitable program in the world, present in more than 65 countries, and they accept crypto donations directly on their official website. We will make the donation and post the hash.


The Swedish Chef, is one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the world of the Muppets. Over the years, he has gained a loyal following and become a legendary figure in the realm of comedy and entertainment.

With his distinctive appearance and unmistakable accent, the Swedish Chef stands out among the other Muppets. His chef's attire, with his famous apron and cook's hat, has become instantly recognizable worldwide. And, of course, we can't forget his unique way of speaking, which consists of a series of funny and unintelligible sounds that only he can understand.

The Swedish Chef is truly a Muppet legend, and his legacy endures through generations. His popularity is a testament to the lasting power of humor and the affection that the audience holds for unique and unforgettable characters like him. And with all the context and history, it has the potential to become a viral sensation in the crypto world.Shall we cook this? "Bork bork bork flibber-flobber."


Wallet Creation

Install Metamask onto your browser for free from metamask.io or if mobile open the App Store and install any recommend/safe Ethereum wallet of your choice.

Fund Wallet

Send Ethereum (ETH) to your wallet. If you do not have any, you can buy directly from Metamask or any trusted exchange and then send to your wallet.

Launch Uniswap App

Head to app.uniswap.org on your browser and connect your chosen wallet to the Uniswap. Then paste the $BORK token CA into Uniswap, select PEPE, then click confirm and sign the wallet signature.

Swap $ETH for $BORK

Select your desired amount of Ethereum for $BORK on the Uniswap App and click Swap. Note: there are no taxes of any kind so we recommend setting your slippage to as low as possible pending price volatility.

Token Supply: 100.000.000


We're committed to transparency and fairness. There won't be any presale or private sale. From day one, we've burned the liquidity pool and renounced the contract.

Our project is entirely focused on community and equity. We have not allocated any tokens for the team, and there will be no whitelist. Our goal is to create something truly special and provide genuine value to everyone involved. Furthermore, we are committed to making a global impact, which is why we will be making a substantial donation to an NGO that combats hunger worldwide. We believe that together, we can achieve our goals and contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world.


Phase 1

To spread the message of the great Swedish Chef: "$BORK $BORK $BORK."

Phase 2

Let's get cooking – it's our chef's time to shine! Herdy, herdy, herdy!

Phase 3

Allocate 10% of our gathered profit to the FLL NGO and make $BORK the next big meme of web 3.

All jokes aside, we’ve done this before and we will do it again.